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Quickly removes rust to bare metal. EVAPO-RUST Rust Remover is an environmentally safe water based product that makes even deep rust effortlessly disappear in minutes

EVAPO-RUST is an environmentally friendly, Water soluble & Biodegradable Non-toxic & Non-corrosive product and contains no acids, bases or solvents

EVAPO-RUST will not harm metals, rubber, plastic, PVC, Viton, most paints or unrusted steel. Also immersing un-rusted objects in EVAPO-RUST will provide them with excellent long-term rust protection.

4 Great Reasons to start using EVAPO-RUST:

The product will not harm non-rusted steel and is safe on other metals and an excellent rust inhibitor

Fast Rust Remover

Remove Rust in 30 minutes or upto 24 hours for heavily corroded objects. Simply place the metal object into the bath and repeat the process until the rust has been fully removed leaving bare metal.

Environmentally friendly

The product is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals or VOC’s. Pure EVAPO-RUST can be safely poured into the drain. When the solution is spent, only the iron content will dictate the disposal method.

Reusable & Economical

Economical Reusable 1 litre of EVAPO-RUST will remove moderate rust from approximately 30kg of steel. If any of the bath evaporates, simply replace with fresh tap water. The bath will turn completely black and will not remove rust.

Safe on skin

EVAPO-RUST is totally safe on skin and eyes. The water soluble and pH-neutral, product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and fully biodegradable. The water soluble product contains No fumes or bad odours.
Rust removal has never been easier with 3 easy steps, no scrubbing involved!
How to use the product
1. POUR into the container a sufficient amount of EVAPO-RUST to completely cover the rusted object.
2. IMMERSE the rusted object into the EVAPO-RUST solution for 30 minutes (light rust) or up to overnight (heavy rust).
3. RINSE the item with water. If deep rust remains evident, re-immerse in EVAPO-RUST and repeat the process.

Suitable for both domestic & industrial applications

Prevents rust forming on all ferrous metals. The product is economical to use and suitable for a wide range of domestic & professional applications. Safely restore rusted objects to like-new condition including: Tools & Equipment, Automotive Parts, Garden Equipment, Hardware, Cast Iron Cookware, Antiques, Household objects & Industrial Applications.

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